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Hello Friends. This week I am preparing for my first NaNoWriMo and getting a few final items done before The Infinite-Infinite launches!

1st NaNo – for the past few years I was releasing a book in late October or early November and I was so wiped out from all the promotion to get the book across the finish line that November was my relaxing time. Also I had a full-time job. I knew I didn’t have the time to commit and I also didn’t have a fresh idea so I didn’t want to force something.

But this year, I have two books that are on my near-term completion list so I am taking advantage of my full-time authorpreneur status to make sure I am working through NaNo with y’all.

Have my series bible and outline for the Nailbiters prequel ready. I have already started it because I’ve been throwing ideas into the document for 4 years now… but I only have roughly 20,000 words in that document right now. A long way to go to get it to be a full book.

The Infinite-Infinite releases in the first week of Nano. I know that day may be a little light on the writing. But I’m so excited. I also have a lot of ideas for that sequel, so I may spend some of my NaNo time on that because if I have a good idea I will need to act on it.

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