Should You Self-Publish With Amazon Only or Publish Wide?

Every independent author or self-published author will at one time or another have to decide if they will be exclusive with Amazon and KDP or have their books listed everywhere.

This is one of the first topics I have to address with every client I have worked with. Because they all want to be “on Amazon.” So Amazon is a retailer and a publisher. Today I will be talking about them as both. Because if you are exclusive with Amazon the publisher then you cannot be with any other retailers. But, here are my thoughts:

Being only on Amazon is like having a job with Amazon. They are providing you with money as a direct result of your efforts. But, you are still at their mercy. They decide to increase printing costs, your cut goes down, they cut revenue on KENP, your cut goes down.
If you are just looking to make some extra money and don’t aspire to have a career as an author. Or if you have a multi-armed business, of which self-publishing will be one arm, then go with Amazon.

I started with Amazon and Smashwords as digital only because it was the easiest/fastest and the cheapest. I wanted to get my book out there to the masses and it was also a litmus test. While being an author is my dream, I wasn’t going to sink thousands of dollars into it until I had some proof of concept. As my author business has grown, I have scaled up to work with each successive release. I have focused on the organic growth and with that, I have expanded outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

So this is an individual decision that each author needs to make. But that’s just it. It should be a decision. Don’t just follow what one person says. Do the research, understand the pros and cons of each platform and strategy. And define your strategy. Shiny object syndrome is real for entrepreneurs and as an author, that is what you are.

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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