Working With A Voice Actor To Self-Publish Your Audiobook

I have worked with a voice actor for two of my audiobooks: The Games You Cannot Win and then Enemies of Peace.

The route I used was a little different than the “norm” I would say because I am fortunate enough to have two very talented and ambitious friends.

One of my good friends has an amazing singing voice and has worked as a professional singer and actor for most of her career. But she was looking for a more steady income. So she wanted to get into recording audiobooks. But she was worried that with no experience specifically with audiobooks, that no one would hire her. She reached out to me and asked if she could narrate one of my books. There was no downside for me. I knew I eventually wanted to create an audiobook for my collection of short stories. It was perfect timing. Because it was her first audiobook, it took a few tries to get it just right. But, I knew that going in. And I love the finished product. You can hear in her voice that she has had training, she sounds amazing and the stories really came to life.

For Enemies of Peace, I had another friend who wanted to get into recording audiobooks. She had already recorded one audiobook and her husband happens to host a popular podcast so she had access to a great recording booth and equipment. She has an amazing accent and I thought it would fit the narrator for the book so well. Because this was her second audiobook, so she knew what to do and provided the files on a regular schedule for review and edits.

Both of my experiences working with voice actors went really well. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have very talented friends. I’m sure some people out there have horror stories, but working with a narrator or voice actor is just like working with anyone else. Communicate, communicate, communicate. I let them know if I would be hard to reach for a certain period of time, they did the same. In both cases, I didn’t have a hard deadline of when this needed to be done since both books were already released in print and ebook formats. But they both wanted a deadline to help stay on track.
Overall working with a professional was great. Because they were professionals.

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing your book!

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