Narrating Your Own Book | Self-Publishing Your Audiobook Part 5

What is it like to narrate your own work?

Why try this? – I wanted to learn about the process from the other side of the microphone. I also want all of my books to have an audiobook version. I’m going to start the audiobook for The Infinite-Infinite next. I could have worked with another professional voice actor for Nailbiters, but I wanted to learn the process and Nailbiters is my first book baby. I just couldn’t think of hearing someone else narrate it.
So I set up my audio scripts. Usually I would have done this by chapter, but Nailbiters doesn’t have chapters so I cut it up into 2-7 page sections. I recorded the shortest sections first.

There were a few reasons for this.
1. I wanted to get the hang of recording and I knew I would be slow at first. Starting with the small sections meant I could take my time and learn the ropes.
2. Also, I figured these would be the roughest chapters in terms of editing and audio quality. If I had to re-record anything I wanted it to be the shorter chapters, not the longer ones.

I got into a good rhythm of recording two sections in 1 sitting and then editing those sections throughout the week before uploading.

At first, it was super tedious. If I messed up one line I was going back to read the whole paragraph. Then I realized I could just re-read that clause and I could edit it to flow well.

In the first few weeks, my thoughts were “never again!” But then I really started to enjoy the process. As of right now, I’m planning to do the audiobook narration for my next book.

I chose to publish the audiobook with both ACX and Findaway because I want the option for my audiobooks to be available on as many platforms as possible. Once my first two are outside their exclusive timeframe with ACX I will put them onto Findaway as well.

As a thank you to everyone who has watched up to this point: if you comment below with the title of your favorite audiobook, I will send you a code to redeem a free copy of the Nailbiters Audiobook!

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Have a great day and now you can get back to writing or narrating your book!

Music from: E.R.F.

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