How to Balance Multiple Creative Projects at Once

Wow, 2020 has started with an explosion of things! I have four major projects that I am working on right now: FOUR! I’m working on each of these and I thought that you all might be in a similar situation so I thought I would share my tips for balancing multiple creative projects at once.
At present I am working on :

The audiobook for The Infinite-Infinite. I need to record, edit, and upload all the chapters.

The sequel to Nailbiters, Architects that I wrote during NaNoWriMo that requires my first pass edits, my editor to review, and a few more rounds of editing after that before I am ready to format it and publish it for you. So we are heavy in the work phase for this one.

The first of my books that will be published under the Author Your Ambition brand that I need to edit, format, publish, record the audiobook for, and create additional PDF worksheets for readers to download
And the same process for the second Author Your Ambition book

Plus the projects for my clients. Knowing I have all of this I could choose to just focus on one this at a time, but I have so much energy and excitement for each project. So here are the steps I am following to make sure it all gets done:

Prioritize. I realized that while I want The Infinite-Inifnite audiobook out ASAP, that recording the audiobook for Nailbiters was great prep to write the sequel. Since I plan to write the sequel for The Infinite-Infinite in 2020, I can work at this slowly and try to finish it just before I dive into writing the sequel to get my brain fresh.

Track. I’m all about my to-do lists and my habit trackers. If I see that I have gone two days without working on one of these projects, I’m going to reflect on why. Were there actual emergency exceptions? Did I let myself get distracted? Did I spend a lot of time on one of the projects so maybe in the next few days I need to let the pendulum swing back the other way?

Chip Away At It. I find that on my busiest days when I have more meetings I actually get more done because I know my time is limited so I set a 30 minute timer and focus on writing or editing the books. This brings my priorities into focus and helps me chip away at these larger goals.

Break it down. This piggybacks off the last one and that is to break your larger creative projects down into measurable tasks. With a creative project like writing a book that can feel restrictive to put a hard and fast deadline on a given chapter. But you can try to hit a word count every day or commit to a certain amount of time writing or creating.

I’m so happy to be able to share these projects with you throughout the year. But be sure to tell me what you are working on. Are you dedicating your time to one project or many?

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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