What are no-content/low-content books and how are they selling so well on Amazon?

Hi, I’m MK Williams I am an author and independent publisher and I am here to share my insights on all things publishing with you:

A new trend sweeping through the side-hustle community is no-content or low content books.

Before I go into this I am going to break up those who self-publish books into two categories: authors and hustlers.

While anyone who sells a book is technically considered an author, there is a distinction between someone who loves books, loves literature, loves to write, and wants to make a career of being an author and those who are taking advantage of the easy access to print-on demand services to self-publish for profit. No one way is better than the other. No one way is right. There are a small portion of people who would identify as both.

For those who primarily publish books as a means of hustling, the low content books are their bread and butter. I can’t think of one rational person who says that they want to start a side hustle and of all the options they decide to write novels. Books take a long time to write, they take a long time to edit, they take a long time. They can have a low start-up cost in terms of real dollars, but the time costs would be prohibitive if you were just looking to make some money.

Enter low-content or no-content books. There have been actual scammers in the past who manipulated Kindle Unlimited and the KENP and published empty books and paid people to flip through the pages to make money. That was just bonkers.

But, as we get close to the end of 2019 and people start to think aspirationally about 2020 and their goals, do you know what they want?

Journals. Planners. Notebooks with quotes and checklists.

I’ve seen some posts and articles on the topic so if you are interested in self-publishing as a side hustle then this is the easiest way to learn the ropes on formatting, publishing platforms, metadata. Because the interior won’t take you as long to put together.

For anyone who already has books on the market, this could help you to increase your overall royalties, but you need to be strategic. If you have written 5 books in a fantasy series and the entirety of your author brand is just those books and you put out a low-content planner that is all about empowerment… your audience may not follow you. I would suggest trying to at least keep it on theme and on-brand.

For example, I am planning to release a course sometime in the next year (if you want to get updates on that subscribe to my email list and this channel or updates). I’m already putting out this content, I’m already working to help people publish. So if/when I put out a workbook or journal to go along with that course, it is going to be a more natural fit.

That does mean I’m not jumping on this “hot trend” the second that everyone else is. And that’s okay with me.

If and when I put out the course and any associated workbooks or journals I will walk you all through the steps involved.

For now, let me know your thoughts on no-content or low content books and how that is impacting self-publishing. Are you for it, against, curious, thinking of trying to add this to your catalog? Let me know in the comments below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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