How do you report a counterfeit of your book on Amazon? My experience with this scary situation!

What steps do you need to take when you see a counterfeit of your book on Amazon? I’ll tell you all about my recent experience in today’s video.

As you all know, I have been working as an independent publisher and getting the popular ChooseFI podcast set up with a publishing arm. Their first book, Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence has been a big success to date. And with any measure of success come people who latch-on to make a quick buck. Including counterfeiters. I have seen a growing increase in this over the past year. That may be because I know more authors now, but whether it is a 3rd party reseller trying to pass a bootlegged version of a book that is clearly lower quality or someone just straight up scraping and posting, the bootleg market on Amazon and eBay and all the online retailers has been bananas.

So I spot a counterfeit of our book and I try to report it. I open a chat bot with Amazon, I am directed to one form. I complete the form. I get a bounce back right away that the complaint was received. Ok, thats fine. Then I get an email back saying that I filled out the wrong form and that I need to fill out a different form, but oh no its the same form. So I submit it again. This happens two more times before I am sent the counterfeit form and fill that out. Which, you guessed it, was rejected and I had to fill it out again. In this span of 3 days and submitting and resubmitting forms I spoke with 2 people on chat and 2 people on the phone. NO ONE offered to transfer me to the correct department, no one took initiative to send it on to the correct department. NO ONE.

And the worst part was that it wasn’t apathy on the part of the people I spoke with, they just said “I can’t help with that it’s not my department, I can’t do anything.” They sounded helpless.
You can only imagine what kind of corporate culture they have when the people who want to help others aren’t empowered to do so.

Your customer service team can’t even transfer my case to another department internally?
Simon Sinek- Leaders eat Last: empower your workforce to do the right thing for your customers, but more importantly for the people who have their products for sale on your site.
You already have PR issues for working the staff in your warehouses to the bone.

Below I am including the actual link for reporting infringement: . It took about 3 weeks to get this counterfeiter removed. So it was resolved, but it was a nightmare to get a clear answer and a resolution.
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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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