Updates and New | Self-Publishing & Authortube Amid Current Crisis

We know that Amazon has been inundated with order requests as people self-isolate. They are prioritizing essential goods. That means books have been de-prioritized. This is the time to ensure that you are shifting your message to focus on the eBook or Audiobook versions of your catalog. Or, remind your audience that if they order the paperback that it may take longer.

Camp NaNo is still happening, I did notice that the organization did send out messaging about virtually connecting for write-ins in April. Totally makes sense. I’ll still be working on the sequel to the Infinite-Infinite during Camp NaNo.

As for my progress on Architects, the sequel to Nailbiters, that I finished during NaNo last November. I am deep into draft 3. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a plot point around a pandemic. Yeah – too soon. Also, living through this experience is educating me on what I got wrong. So Draft 3 is taking a bit longer so I plan to release this book closer to this summer than this spring. Sorry.

My two books for Author Your Ambition will be launching as planned on the 25th. I have had more people reach out to me to ask about making their book a reality in the past two weeks than I have in the past 4 months. There is a need for this information and I can help more people this way. I’m so happy that more people are reaching out to me. One of my driving motivations behind this channel and Author Your Ambition is to help authors and be the guide that I didn’t have when I started out. To that end, I still over FREE 1 hour consultations for aspiring authors. I do my best to give you as much value in that one hour and then you decide if you need to hire my self-publishing services from there. But slots are filling up so schedule your call today: https://mailchi.mp/6631be0c687a/selfpublishingservices

I just finished recording a bunch of videos for this channel and for an email course that I am creating so be sure to subscribe so you can catch all of those! I always give more updated on my Instagram and Twitter so as you have more questions, as always drop me a comment below, DM me, I”m here to help  🙂

Book Links: (Currently on pre-order until Wednesday, then they are live):

Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author:  https://1mkwilliams.com/self-publishing-for-the-first-time-author/

Book Marketing for the First-Time Author: https://1mkwilliams.com/book-marketing-for-the-first-time-author/

Music from: https://www.bensound.com/ E.R.F.

Get my Top 5 Things To Consider if you are looking to narrate your audiobook here: https://mailchi.mp/e8e1707cdb7e/audiobooks

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