What is the best advice for first-time authors?

At a retreat I recently attended, someone mentioned that they wanted to write a book. The author next to me immediately jumped in with his strategy. I could see the person nodding along and taking in every word. But, he didn’t ask the right question. What kind of book do they want to write? Do they even know or is this a bucket list item? Don’t get me wrong. This author has a very successful book, and his strategy was flawlessly executed. For his book. But his book was a non-fiction book that he uses to generate leads for his online membership site. It is one pillar of his business that he added on after he established the other ways that he gets his message out to his audience. To him, writing a book is a way to generate leads. That makes sense based on his goals and his strategy worked to that. And the tactics he used were perfect for his strategy.

But, what if this woman wanted to write a collection of short stories? Or a memoir? Or if you wanted to build a business around the book, not have the book be a lead generator for an existing business?

I often work with authors who, mid-project, will tell me they heard about some tactic on one podcast or another. I try to stay up to date with all the podcasts out there on self-publishing. Because I publish my own fiction and non-fiction and help others as an independent publisher, I listen to a wide variety of sources to stay up to date. So, when I see these messages come through at first I am a little confused. Hmm okay, we were working on a strategy based on your goals, but now you want to mimic this other author’s strategies. OK. There is a difference between learning from another author’s strategy and seeing what works/what doesn’t and just copying what they do. And that takes time and being thoughtful. Would that work for my audience? Do I even have an audience right now?

I created this channel to answer for a need. I kept getting the same questions over and over, I wanted to get information out to aspiring authors to help them. Now I’ve written two books as part of my Author Your Ambition brand to answer for this next need. There are a lot of great strategies out there to self-publish. But which one is right for you? Well, I wrote Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author so that you can learn about the basics. What do you need to do after your manuscript is finished to self-publish your book? What are the steps to follow, the questions to ask, the platforms to consider, the large strategies in self-publishing, etc. The big questions are answered here in a way that gives you the information you need to make the right decision for your book. And then I wrote Book Marketing for the First-Time Author because after you publish the book, you need to market it. Actually, before you publish you need to market it, but I’ll cover that here too. Because if you don’t get these basics right, none of the other flashy tactics will work.

Both these books are available wherever you buy books (and they are accessible to libraries!!). I’ve already heard from my ARC readers that they loved these books and took notes while they were going through them. That is exactly what I want, I want you to be able to define your self-publishing strategy for your book by the time you finish these. Go out and get your copies today.

And here are the links to the books: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733392947 and https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733392939

Thank you all so much and please drop a note below on what your questions are about self-publishing. Or who are the people whose advice you love to listen to on this topic? What should I cover in the next books? Tell me below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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