Watch this before you start narrating! : Audiobook Narration Tips

-Posture – roll your shoulders back, sit up straight. Some narrators stand when they record, I prefer to sit. So if you also prefer to sit make sure you have good posture. Maybe you get to a scene where you are narrating a character who is relaxed, you might let your shoulders droop as you embody that character, but that should be the exception.

-Smile, bring energy to your narration. That voice energy will carry through. You don’t want to sound like you are droning on and on. Have some enthusiasm.

-But of course, match the mood of the scene. If you are narrating a chapter in a book where a main character is injured or in peril, don’t sound happy about it. Bring the suspenseful or even sad energy, but be sure your voice still has that energy to it.

-Water! Drink it, have it nearby.

-Talk slowly, if you catch yourself getting “in a good flow.” Stop what you are doing and then correct your posture and start over in a slow voice. Remember, people will listen at a higher speed.

-When the lawnmower starts outside, or a plane starts going overhead, or another loud noise comes along just take a deep breath. It will pass.

With each book that I narrate I find that I am able to improve my skills and narration. I’ll have even more tips for you after a few more recordings 🙂 Let me know any top tips that I’ve missed.

Music from: E.R.F.

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