How Can I Sell My Book Directly to Customers?:

This week I’m sharing the final (for now) installment in a 4-video series on how authors can sell their books directly to customers through different platforms. I’m going to cover 4 different methods, there are dozens and dozens out there, but I am going to only focus on those that I have actually tried so I can share first hand knowledge of set up, pros, and cons.

The last one is actually the newest. I had an issue with an Amazon listing for a book being sold through IngramSpark (SURPRISE SURPRISE) and talked with a customer service rep and they mentioned This was the first I had heard of it. Well a week later I heard about it on a podcast so I felt like I was in the know early. Maybe I was late. Whatever. is a division of Ingram, so if you are already selling your books to retailers via IngramSpark you can easily set up an account and start selling your eBooks and Print books through

How to set it up
Even if you already have an IngramSpark login, you need to create another account for this platform. But you can easily find your books that are already available for sale. After you set up your account, it is as easy as looking up the ISBN, entering your book description, and boom – your book is added to your storefront.

Cutting out the middleman. You’re effectively selling directly from your printer if you are with IngramSpark. So they take their usual print cost and fee, but that’s it.
Another way for people to purchase. Especially with the headaches that come along with selling from Amazon or just delays of late due to COVID, giving your audience a way to buy direct and explaining how it benefits you and them it an excellent option.
You can create promotions. It was a bit clunky to figure this out.
You have to market it! You have to tell people this option is there.
And, just like with PayHip, you have to get people to trust this site they’ve never been to before.

Who else is testing What has your experience been so far? Thoughts? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Share in the comments below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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