How Can I Sell My Book Directly to Customers?: PayHip | Tips to Sell More Books To Readers

This week I’m sharing the next installment in a 4-video series on how authors can sell their books directly to customers through different platforms. I’m going to cover 4 different methods, there are dozens and dozens out there, but I am going to only focus on those that I have actually tried so I can share first hand knowledge of set up, pros, and cons.

I originally heard about PayHip through Joanna Penn, she has been a big advocate for this platform. And because they have a free option, I saw no downside in testing it out for myself.

How to set it up
The set-up was super simple. I created a login, entered that I would be selling a digital download product. (You can use my signup code to get started:

Now you can do sales of physical items that would be shipped out and maintain inventory on this system. But I wanted to see success with the digital sales first. So I have all of my eBooks available for sale on this platform.
Uploading the books, their cover art, and the different eBook versions was easy. I was also able to group my books by collection and add promo codes.

Ease of use! Easy for me to figure out and I walked through as a customer as well and that was easy to understand as well.
PayHip takes a 5% transaction fee, that’s it! And they handle the tax stuff on the back end. So I am netting way more on this platform than I would on any of the other retail sites or aggregators.
Really easy to create promo codes and incentives for additional sales. I don’t get that option with KDP when I publish wide to do discount codes and then collect information to promote the next book in the series to the reader. With PayHip, you can do that.

It’s another system to maintain and update. So with each platform I add, it’s another thing to manage and promote. But it is also something to say…
Many customers probably aren’t familiar with PayHip. Customers who already have their info saved in Amazon and trust Amazon will prefer to purchase on that system. PayHip is a site they don’t know so they have to overcome that hurdle.

**NOTE: PayHip does not provide 1099s for US authors for end of year taxes**

Are any of you using PayHip? If so, post in the comments what your experience has been. Do you like it? Yes/No? Thoughts? Let’s keep the conversation going.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Sell My Book Directly to Customers?: PayHip | Tips to Sell More Books To Readers

    • Hi Suzanne, Yes there is a section where you can complete information on sales tax to be paid by the customer. They don’t send a 1099 at the end of the year so you’ll need to save your income statements for your income tax purposes.


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