What do you do once your book is published? | Book Launch Tips for Self-Published Authors

Now that I have written and published 8 books, I have a pretty good idea of what works for me after each book is done. It really does feel like a marathon. Usually, I have everything in place during the pre-order so launch day SHOULD be uneventful, but I am still checking that my scheduled posts have gone live. I’m checking the rankings for my books to see where it will peak.

So the day after the launch, I need a rest. I usually need at least a week or so of not thinking about writing/editing/publishing for myself. Thankfully, I have clients that I can help, but I need to take a break from my own creative projects so here is what I do to take a break:
Mental break – I try to focus on easy tasks like accounting and scheduling posts for the business or cleaning and cooking around the house. I need to focus on something else.
Read a book that is in a totally different genre – You’ll find me by the pool with a quick-read cute romance. Especially after a book as dark as Architects, I’m definitely going to need some light and fluffy reads
Catch up on podcasts – usually, as I am getting everything ready for launch I can’t do my work with a podcast on in the background. I’m so focused on the launch and all the fine details, I can’t even hear the words of the podcast. So I usually listen to music instead. When means after the launch, I have a lot of podcasts to catch up on. Perfect listening for those easy tasks.
Work on short stories, quick little exercises in new techniques – Some times after I finish a book launch I am creatively spent. I have no energy or thoughts to write. But other times I have all these ideas and momentum and I want to get to writing.
Enjoy some mental downtime before diving into the next project.

So, what do you do once your book is done and launched? What are your rituals and processes? Share below in the comments!

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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