At what point do I need a NEW ISBN for my existing title? | Self-Publishing Questions | Author Tips

One of the nice things about self-publishing is that YOU have ultimate control. And if you find a little typo in your book, you can go and update it really quickly for any future eBook or print on demand paperback books.

But, you may start to think, hmmm when do I need a new ISBN based on these changes?

The general rule of thumb that I have found is 10%. So if you change your overall manuscript more than 10% then you need a new ISBN. So a comma here, a typo there, you’re fine. But if you didn’t do any proofreading before the book was first published, then you may find that a full proofreader may get you there.

If you are modifying the story you likely need a new ISBN as well and you’ll probably want to pull the previous edition and release the new edition with the new ISBN.

If you change the cover you probably want a new ISBN as well.

For my very first book Nailbiters, I was doing some typo clean up AND I was adding content to the back to promote the sequel once that was available. So I was adding new content. I touched up the print cover. So for me that seemed like, okay this is a whole new edition, this needs a new ISBN.

I have some resources below on the research I did for myself on this topic that can help you too. Are you considering if you need a new ISBN? Have you successfully done this yourself? Drop a comment below.

Do I Need a New ISBN?

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