Thoughts on the NEW ACX Audio Analyzer/ Audio Lab for Authors Self-Publishing Audiobooks

Today I’m going to give an update on ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange. I’ve done several videos on self-publishing audiobooks and ACX is one of the platforms out there in terms of reach. ACX is owned by Amazon so this platform can get your audiobook out to Audible, Amazon, and Apple.

One criticism I did have of the platform when I posted my original how-to video on the platform was that they are very particular. Now this is good because of the quality assurance. But it can feel overbearing when they kick your book back 5 times for different problems and your 2 week (now more like 3 month) waiting period restarts.

So when they added the audio analyzer I was really excited. It saves me time, it saves their reviewers time. The analyzer looks at the audio file when you update it and will flag if the decibel levels are off, there isn’t enough room sound, etc.

-Upload your audio files into ACX it tells you right away if there are volume, peak, issues so you can resolve them before you submit.
-For two audiobooks that I did it worked great back in March 2020. (Self Pub & Book Marketing). But when I submitted The Infinite-Infinite all the files passed the analyzer, but then I got the entire book kicked back for a few of the audio items that the analyzer said it cleared like volume and room sounds.

So it seems like a great tool right now, but I think there are still some problems to be worked out with the system. Either way, it is good to see ACX investing in improvements.

What are your thoughts on the ACX Audio Analyzer? Share with me in the comments below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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