Pre-Order Rankings Posts – What to post when and how often? | Book Launch Tips for Self-Publishing

Your pre-order period for your book could be a week or two or even several months. That’s a long time. You can’t just post every day that your book is on pre-order. You need to be able to say new things. I’ve suggested in the past that you promote quotes from the book, early blurbs that have come in from ARC readers, and of course, any deals you have running on your book.

But, you are making sales while your book is on pre-order. You want to capitalize on those as well.

I would recommend checking your book’s rank on Amazon every few days in your Pre-Order period. If you know you had a big email go out or social post, then check that day. If you see that you are in the top 50 in your categories, jump over to the new releases list for your category as well.

Take a screenshot and post this. Now, you may want to leverage this on Twitter as it is a platform that turns over quickly (just like your Amazon rankings). If you hit #1 in a category that is a great time to post to your Facebook Author’s Page or Instagram. Wherever you are on social media, let people know. This is exciting and your audience will want to share in the excitement. They will like, love, clap, and celebrate with you. They may even buy a copy themselves. But the goal of these posts is to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work that got you to that ranking.

I have heard some people express concern that, “well, if I tell people I’m ranked #1 or ranked high, then they might think they don’t need to pre-order the book to help me.” Maybe so, but it is social proof that your book is legit.
Just like with anything else, don’t post an update every hour on the hour. That gets really annoying, real fast. Use your judgment and don’t spend all day staring at your rankings, you need to focus on all the other elements of your launch (and your life.)

So how have you promoted your rankings when your book is on pre-order or as it has launched? What has your highest rank been? It’s a fleeting status symbol, but it is still exciting to celebrate. Leave a comment below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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