How do I get all my book formats to show up on one page on Amazon? | Amazon Author Central Tips

When you publish your eBook and Paperback through KDP this isn’t as big of an issue for authors and Amazon will USUALLY combine the books onto one page within a couple of days, but sometimes you may need to nudge them to ask.

But if you are publishing to Amazon through an aggregator, you are almost definitely going to have to ask them to combine the pages.

What’s the benefit to combining the pages? So this is where you look at one book and you can see and easily toggle between eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook, etc all from one page. This shows the customer that they have multiple options and they don’t have to track down the different formats, they are all right there for them.

So, to make this request you first need an Amazon Central account. If you have a book that is available for sale on Amazon, it doesn’t matter how the book got there – you NEED an Amazon Central account. Beyond the fact that you can see all of your reviews, your rankings, and your Neilsen sales reports, and the ability to add to your author’s profile on Amazon, you NEED this account to be able to submit help desk tickets for any issues you are seeing on your book’s product page.

Once you sign up on you will need to “claim” your book. If you literally just hit publish on the book it may take 24 hours for it to show up as available to claim on Amazon Central. Once you do claim the book it could take another 24 hours for it to be confirmed.

So once you have all versions of the book on your Amazon Central account, you can navigate to “Help” and send in a ticket. I have text below that you can use and borrow for your own purposes. I ALWAYS try to have the focus be on making it easier for the customer to make the sale.

My book, [TITLE], is available on Amazon as a Paperback and an eBook but the listings are separated. Can you merge them so that a reader can see both options on the same page? I think it will make it easier for them when they are looking to purchase:

Paperback Link
eBook Link

Thank you”

Once you reach out it could take a day or two for a response and then once they merge them it could take another 24 hours to show up. If you’re adding that up, it could take like a week. So don’t hit publish and then tell the world. Hit publish, make sure everything looks right, and then tell the world.

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