Taking a book from KDP Expanded Distribution to IngramSpark | How to transfer book to IngramSpark

I’ve done several videos in the past about KDP Expanded Distribution. This was something I saw advertised by KDP and the way it read it seemed like a solution to the biggest problem that authors face publishing their books with Amazon: getting other retailers to sell it. Well, I put Enemies of Peace into that program back in 2018, and as you may remember from my video on the topic, it was NOT a big success. It just allowed third party retailers to pick up my book, one was listing it for $40! So I took my paperback out of Expanded Distribution with KDP and went back to the drawing board on how to get my print books out wide. I have been using Smashwords to get my eBooks out wide since I started self-publishing in 2015.

Well, fast forward a few years and I discovered IngramSpark and realized some great success listing my print books, both paperback and hardcover, through their network.

So with a baby due in the fall and a backlist of print books that were only available on Amazon, I decided it was time to do some backlist maintenance and get all of my paperbacks on the IngramSpark network as well. That way Bookshop.org, IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, etc could all list my print books.

Well, this was easy for all of my backlist expect for… Enemies of Peace. Even though I had taken it out of expanded distribution with KDP back in 2018, it was still blocked from going into IngramSpark’s expanded distribution network. So here is the step by step process that I took to bring my paperback to IngramSpark after having been in Expanded Distribution. You can learn from this experience so you can do the same with your print books.

First, you have to submit a form to IngramSpark, you can find it here in this link: https://help.ingramspark.com/hc/en-us/articles/211155403-How-to-Transfer-a-Book-From-One-Account-To-Another-Account

Next, it is time to reach out to KDP and IngramSpark. Submitted ticket to KDP on 8/21/20. Submitted to IngramSpark on 8/21/20. Heard back from KDP right away. They released the book without any issues.

Didn’t hear back from IS within 20 business days so I reached out and asked for an update. I was told they were backlogged, and it would take up to 30 business days. Right around that time frame I did get a message. My form wasn’t completed correctly. So pro-tip on the form, it needs to be SIGNED or you need to use an official eSignature, not just a typed out signature.

Once the corrected form was submitted the title was added to my list of titles on IngramSpark within an hour. It was great.
One thing I didn’t like is that the entire book was added without having the chance to select categories, keywords, or even uploading the IngramSpark cover in their template. So I did go in and resubmit my files and then approved and then I was able to correct the metadata.

The process itself was relatively painless, but it did take a while. So I wouldn’t go into this thinking you’re going to be able to do this within 24 hours. This will take time, PACK YOUR PATIENCE.

Okay, so what questions do you still have about taking a book that was in expanded distribution with KDP and listing it with IngramSpark? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Taking a book from KDP Expanded Distribution to IngramSpark | How to transfer book to IngramSpark

  1. Please help! My book is on Amazon. I’ve been trying to add it to Ingram for months – answers feel impossible to find. Thus, I’m reaching out to a stranger on the internet! After months of going back and forth via slow responses from Ingram, all potential issues preventing transfer into their system have been removed, (though I believe they never really existed!) but Ingram still requires I transfer title from KDP to them. This book has never been in expanded distribution and I own the ISBN through Bowker.

    Should I transfer title? ALL I want to understand is this: What does transferring title from Amazon to Ingram “actually” mean? How does this effect me the author, ownership of rights, what does it *mean* for them to have title, what am I giving up by providing Ingram title, etc…? I never thought of KDP as owning title. I thought of them as a service provider. Thank you in advance for your help.


    • Hi Jennifer, No worries. The customer service teams for both IS and Amazon are usually overloaded and I get the feeling any time they get a question about connecting listings from other services they default to “ask the other guy.” So, even though you never enabled expanded distro with Amazon it sounds like they have the distribution of record (not sure how it happened). Completing the title transfer form with IS is super simple (although give them 30 business days to process) and it still means you own your ISBN. It just says that they have your express written permission on a signed form (so no one is trying to pirate your book) to have them distribute your book. All it means is that Ingram is allowed to distribute your book. You lose no ownership and you can elect to take the book off of Ingram later. I hope this helps! – MK


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