Can You Bring Your Own Barcode To KDP? | Amazon KDP Publishing | Do I Need To Buy A Barcode?

Today I am going to go over a question that I see a lot on my original Barcodes video (which I will link up here). As an author you may or may not need to purchase a barcode for your print books depending on your strategy for your book. I’m going to walk through this question the way I would with any of my clients or when I’m doing 1 on 1 consults and at the end I will show you exactly what you need to do if you are bringing your own barcode to KDP.

So here is a refresher of what you need to consider when answering this question for yourself:
-Barcodes are only for print books. If you plan to only self-publish as an eBook or an audiobook, you do not even need a barcode.
-For your print books, KDP, IngramSpark, and your other print on demand services will provide you with a barcode that has no price on it. For this reason, I tell people that if they don’t plan to have the price on their barcode, to never bother buying one because you can get one for free.
-So why would I even need the price on it? Well if you want your book in brick and mortar stores you need to have the price on the barcode. In that case, purchase the barcode for that format/ISBN and have it on the cover.

Now that we’re all caught up there, you may be thinking, wait wait wait, you’ve told us countless times that brick and mortar stores won’t buy my paperback from Amazon, so why would I ever bring my own barcode with the price on it to KDP.

If you work with a cover designer or a design firm you are likely going to get one paperback cover from them. So if you plan to self-publish your print book with KDP and IngramSpark, you have only 1 file.

So, if all these conditions apply to you and your strategy, when you go to upload your cover to KDP there is one button that you will select that says that you are bringing your own barcode.

Alright, what other super specific barcode questions do you have? Drop them below so we can keep the conversation going.

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