Adding Your Audiobook to ACX Step-By-Step Tutorial | Upload Your Audiobook to Audible and Amazon

Chapters: Assert Title 3:29
Chapters: Sign Agreements 4:06
Chapters: Upload Audio 6:57
Chapters: Audio Analysis 10:40
Chapters: Editing Audio Files in Audacity 11:09
Chapters: AudibleGate Commentary 13:57
Chapters: Audiobook Cover 17:21

Today I’m going to be walking through the step-by-step process of adding your audiobook to ACX, audiobook creation exchange. This is the self-publishing platform for audiobooks to go on to Audible, Amazon, and Apple. I’ve talked about recording audiobooks, having them narrated, and which platforms to use in the past. But today I am answering a popular questions which is, how do I actually go through the process of uploading my audiobook! Here is the exact process that I just went through.

A few caveats:
I recorded this audiobook myself, so I am not going through the process of finding, auditioning, or selecting a narrator.
I recorded this while my baby girl was taking her nap, so if I am talking fast it is because I wanted to get it all in before she woke up. For those of you who don’t know, you CAN control the speed of the videos you watch on youtube, there is a little button in the bottom corner
The book I am uploading is How To Write Your First Novel, my latest book in the Author Your Ambition series that was released earlier this year. If you have read the book, please leave it a review. Those watching this video have probably already written the book so if you know someone who might benefit pass it along.
I talk about audiobook distribution strategy on this channel and in Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author so if you want to learn more about that you can check out these videos or this book.

Hopefully, by the time you watch this the audiobook has been reviewed and approved by ACX, I will post the link down in the description when it is ready for you to enjoy. **THEY DID APPROVE IT IN TIME!!:**

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Let me know what questions you have and now you can get back to writing or narrating your book!

Link to opening and closing credit script:

Music from: E.R.F.

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