How to maintain and promote your backlist | 10 Tips to Improve Your Backlist Book Sales

I usually put out a lot of content for first-time authors, because they have the most questions. But us veteran authors have a lot to do, and as we get more efficient with writing and publishing and we have a little bit more time to be able to do more for our books – whoa is there a lot more that we can do.

As I was preparing for maternity leave in 2020, I was really focused on how I could make sure my backlist was optimized for sales and reviews. And in general, I should have been focusing on this all along. But it is so easy to just focus on the book that we are currently writing or editing or trying to get out.

The reason why I and other authors say that “more books sell more books,” is that your backlist can sell your frontlist and vice versa. This means we can’t forget about last year’s book in favor of the new shiny object.

Here are some of the things I’ve done and what you can do to maintain your backlist and how you can promote it as well.

-Series Pages on my website and retailer websites, were applicable
-Get the book out wide, which means adding it to more retailers and ensuring everything is working correctly.

-Updated “other works by”
-Second Editions (when applicable)

-Create discount bundles on direct sales pages (like PayHip)

-Regularly scheduled posts with reviews and book quotes. I schedule these in Facebook and Hootsuite
-Review reminders
-Quotes from the book
-Fun posts: Book birthdays, Infinite-Infinite 8/8 posts.
-Associated merchandise?

And the list can go on and on. But if you are feeling like your backlist sales have stalled or that you have some time while your manuscript is with the editor and you want to use that time to optimize your current listings before the next book is released, then give these a try. Or, if you have some tips for backlist maintenance and promotion that I didn’t talk about, drop a helpful tip in the comments to help other authors who find this video.

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