Newborn Stress | Running A Business With a Baby | Fourth Trimester Fails | Mompreneur Update

I wanted to update y’all on how things are going on the mom-preneur side of things. My baby girl is 4 months old and she is so sweet and happy (most of the time.) She is thankfully sleeping through the night, knock on wood, and we are settling into a flexible routine.

But the first 12 weeks were… a nightmare.

There is really no other way to word it. We had this sweet little bundle of joy and on day 4 she started crying. No. Screaming. She started screaming, in pain, clenching her stomach. It was terrifying and heartbreaking. And it turns out that my diet was to blame. I needed to cut diary and soy immediately. By the way soy is in EVERYTHING. All the people who sent us gift certificates to order meals in or offered to order meals or bring them over for us – we couldn’t use them because it was so onerous to figure out these meals. Granted… we are much better at planning for this now, but in the beginning it was miserable.

And while she is a great sleeper now, she would not nap without being held until she was 13 weeks. Which meant all that advice about sleep when the baby sleeps… was useless. I couldn’t sleep. I felt like there was nothing I could eat (although my amazing husband was cooking delicious and healthy meals – I couldn’t have chocolate, I couldn’t have any comfort foods). I also couldn’t really go out and do much because our county in Florida has been a Covid hot spot since day one.

The identity that I had as an author and entrepreneur was a distant dream, it vanished overnight because I couldn’t do any work. I couldn’t be me. It was ridiculously hard.

And then, she started napping on her own. And I could reliably get 4 hours during the day of work or working out. We found some allergy free treats for me. I let myself have a glass of wine!!

My point here is that if you mamma are up at 4am for another feeding, or just because your baby won’t sleep unless you hold them, I feel you. I have literally been there. It will get better. It will. And when it does, your baby will be so happy because of the love you have given them and you will be happy because you’ll have time to focus on your other passions and your business. Hang in there.

And if you’re a mom who has had nothing but bliss the entire time and you can’t relate at all to having these issues… good for you. Really. Good for you. But for the rest of us, it’s okay to admit that being a mom isn’t always great or even fun. It’s hard work. It’s worth it, but its not easy.

Best of luck mammas! Now you can get back to binging all the videos while you wait for that little stinker to fall back asleep.

Music from: E.R.F.

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