USPS Media Mail FAQs | What can go in Media Mail? | How do I package Media Mail? | And More!

So last year I made a series of videos to help out indie authors who wanted to sell their books direct to readers. For eBooks and Audiobooks, the process is much simpler than selling print books, right? For print books, you have to actually mail the book to someone. A little-known benefit to us US-based authors is USPS Media Mail which offers discounted shipping rates for qualified media such as books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

In the video, I defined Media Mail and I honestly thought it was the most boring video I could have made. The definition seemed pretty straightforward, but A LOT of you have had questions. Like A LOT. So today I’m going to recap the definition of Media Mail and answer your questions so you know exactly what this service is and how it can help you.

What is Media Mail?
The USPS defines Media Mail as shipping media items containing books, sound recordings, recorded videotapes, printed music, recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs and DVDs).
They are specific to state that comic books do not meet this designation.
Why this designation?
The whole point is that these materials are educational. Which you could argue is almost any book. The USPS wants educational materials to be able to be sent without a prohibitive cost.
It can take up to 10 days (so business days) to mail. If you need to get the book to an influencer right away, use the priority mail system.
You can’t use this to also mail advertisements or cards or other items. So if you plan to mail the book with a bookmark promoting your channel or website. NOPE. That violates this rule. When you do media mail you agree that the USPS can open and inspect the package, if you violate it they will mail it back to you.

Here are some of the questions you all have asked me
“Can I put a thank you sticker on the outside of the package?”

“But I really want to put a thank you note IN the package, will it be inspected?”

“Can you autograph the book?”

“Do I have to use an envelope, can I use a box?” “What kind of envelope do I have to use?” “Is there a specific envelope to use when sending Media Mail?”

Can I use a shipping label, do I have to hand-write the address?

If you want to get a 4-week FREE trial with for your Media Mail shipments and support this channel check out my link in the description. If not, that’s cool too.

What about romance novels? What about comic books?

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