What are all the elements and added pages I need in my book? | What to add BEFORE book formatting?

You’ve finished writing your book! Oh my gosh, you did it! But now that the manuscript of your book is set, there are more elements that you’ll need to include. Before you say, “oh, I’m done, this is the final wordcount or page count,” you need these elements in the front and back of your book.

Title Page – you’ve got to tell people the title. Especially when you are publishing an eBook.
Copyright Page – goes without saying, you have to have a page that identifies your copyright and ownership of the book.
Table of Contents – this is a requirement for your eBook. You have to have a table of contents in your eBook that you publish with Kindle or any other platform and it needs to be linked. But for print, obviously no links but you need the page numbers to be correct
Dedication – this isn’t required, but its super nice to include.

Bibliography – You will likely need to have a bibliography if you wrote a non-fiction book and depending on the level of detail and research you may also need it for your fiction book. You should pick one format for your bibliography and references and stay consistent. Your copy editor or proofreader should be able to help if you aren’t comfortable with this.
Acknowledgments – These really should go at the back. I’ve seen a few books put them in the front, which is totally fine and gives more emphasis on the gratitude the author has for those who helped out.
About the Author – Give one or two paragraphs on who you are. If the reader liked the book they may want to know more about your other work.
Details on claiming digital extra – Having a way to collect their email address so you can continue to tell the reader about more books you’ll be putting out and remind them to leave a review is critical.

So these are the elements that each book should have. When I started out, I didn’t know all these items to have or the order they should go in. But now you know. Any questions? Did I miss anything? Drop a note in the comments below to keep the conversation going.

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