How to get the most out of your coaching call | Coaching Call 101 for First-Timers

As someone who is a coach, who has been coached, who has worked with coaches to help them bring their books to life, I know how valuable a coach can be to help you in your business. Whether you are meeting with me (or someone like me) to coach you on how to go from book idea to finished book, or you’re working with a financial coach, a business coach, a life coach, whatever kind of coach, you want to make sure you are making the most of that time.

I’m going to go over my best tips for you to maximize that time and squeeze every ounce of value out of that conversation. In this, I’m assuming you’ll be connecting digitally. I know some coaches work with people in person, but after 2020 and just the general ability for people to connect over the internet, I know more and more of these sessions are going online.

-First, if you can, send some information ahead of time. Give your coach the opportunity to prepare so you aren’t spending those first minutes going over something you could have easily emailed them. They may review what you sent over when the call starts, but give them the opportunity to prep so they aren’t thinking on the fly. Pro-tip, the really good coaches will ask you to do some kind of preparation for the call or ask for some details before you meet. They want to make the most of your time together as well.
-Come prepared with questions. This means you need to do some homework too about what you want to get from this session. Now, if you are working with this coach long-term you will have homework to report on your second, third, fourth calls. But for that first call, show up with questions.
-Check that your computer is updated, your zoom is working, computer is charged/plugged in, etc. before the call starts.
-Call in on time. This is YOUR time with this coach, the minutes you are late are the minutes you are wasting. Some coaches may give you a bit of a grace period and say “oh we started a few minutes late, we can go a few minutes over.” But if they have another coaching call right after yours, they may not be able to offer that.
-During the coaching session pay attention. For you, it may be easiest to take notes as you are talking, but a good coach with record your session so you can listen to the playback and not worry about taking notes. (Again, if you are working with this coach over several months, they may not record every single session, but that initial call or consultation should be recorded.) If the coach doesn’t offer this, ask if you can record it for playback later.
-As the call is wrapping up, make sure you are clear on your next steps. The coach should be doing this as well, but if you are unclear – just ask!!

Okay, those are my top tips for making the most of your coaching call. What has worked for you when you have been coached in the past? What do you like to see as a coach? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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