How to grow and monetize your YouTube channel | 5 Tips I used to grow my AuthorTube channel in 2021

5:10 Learn from others
8:10 Title, Tag, and Description
10:48 Links, Playlists, and Pinned Comments
11:55 Ask for subs and likes
14:24 Traffic Source and YouTube Search Terms

Learn from others:
I learned from others in our Authortube space and on YouTube in general. In some official and nonofficial ways. Basically, if what you’re doing now isn’t getting you the results you want, you need to do something different.

Meg’s video (
Nick Nimmin (
Cathrin Manning (

-TubeBuddy Plugin:

-Links in all videos; pinned comments to playlists
That’s the next important item. YouTube gives you the options to direct viewers to another video in your end credits. I always have my subscription link, because I would like more people to subscribe, and I usually leave it to their “best for viewer” next video to watch, but sometimes I will override if my video is in a series.

-Ask for the subscription at the beginning, and at the end – show value to the viewer and explain why they should take that step.
I asked and asked and asked.
-The Ask + what’s in it for them + thank you – you have the educate the viewer on why this matters. Its not for vanity metrics, it is to help the information get to more people.

-Look at the search terms users are entering to find your videos; focus on meeting that need. This can help you to plan your next videos. For me, I get a lot of search traffic on media mail, acx, audiobooks, and formatting books. I only have so many books to mail, narrate, and format in a given year so I can’t talk about that content all the time. But I know to have at least one video about audiobooks each month. I know to have a video about formatting at least once a month. The rest is open for other topics related to self-publishing.

-Stay true to you. A lot of videos out there on “how to get monetized on youtube” are talking to people who just want to make money off of youtube, regardless of the topic. But as an author tuber, you have a genre of topic in mind already. Its your channel, you can make it as uniquely yours as you want, but don’t try to “hack” the system to get monetized by making content that doesn’t interest you or that is not at all even close to the content you would prefer to make.

My best advice is to keep in mind that people want to be entertained or informed. Are you entertaining them? No? Then you need to inform. The way that I share my advice and experience self-publishing will be different from yours or some anyone else’s. There is enough room for all of our unique perspectives.

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