How to promote your book: Creating compelling book promotions with BookBrush | BookBrush Tutorial

Tutorial Begins Custom Creator: 3:08
A+ Content Creator: 11:09
Instant Mockup: 13:08
Adding Animations: 16:55
Animated email signature: 20:12
Book Trailer: 23:10

So I have a new book coming out and I’m super excited about it. Most of the questions I get on this channel or in my DMs are about going wide so I’m excited to have a resource I can direct people to when they can’t schedule a 1 on 1 with me or hire me as their coach.

But now I’ve got to market this thing. When I released my last Author Your Ambition Book, How to write your first novel, I was able to preschedule some promotional posts before I went into labor. But with a newborn, I didn’t do everything I wanted to in order to give the book the push it needed. To my surprise, it did well, but I wonder how much better it could have done if I had been pushing for more visibility. I get great reviews on Goodreads, but nothing on Amazon. Which is frustrating, and I’m still getting sales. But how many more readers could I reach and help if I had given it 110% for the launch.

I want Going Wide to reach as many authors as I can so I can help them. But I can’t do this without help. Putting together creative and eye-catching social media posts to maximize reach and pre-orders is gonna take time and energy. My creative energy is sapped some days and my time is getting more limited now that baby girl only takes 2 naps a day instead of 3.


Wow, this was super helpful and now I have a lot of work to do to create these posts but I know it will be much smoother. If you want to see what my promotional posts end up looking like, head over to my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page to see what is posted. And if you want to pre-order Going Wide, definitely do that too!

I’ll have the book trailer I created with BookBrush at the end of this video for you to check out.

What are your best practices for your book launch creative? Have you tried BookBrush before? If you haven’t give it a try. You can sign up for their free account but I think you’ll find the paid versions and well worth the value. You can use code MK15 to save 15%. Y’all know I am super frugal and just for the record when you use that code you get 15% off, that’s it. I don’t get anything from that, so use my code or don’t but why not save?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Going Wide: Self-Publishing Your Books Outside The Amazon Ecosystem
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