Second Chance for a Short Story | Releasing Escaping Avila Chase as a Standalone Novella

Some things in life are more important than a book launch and I’m giving this story the chance it didn’t really get before.

Back in 2016 I had a goal to get another book out one year after the release of Nailbiters, my first book. I had several short stories already written but I wanted to add one more to the collection. Escaping Avila Chase was inspired by several things, but one idea that really kicked it off was my husband getting questions from people after reading Nailbiters, “um are you afraid? She wrote a scary book!”

Escaping Avila Chase took on a life of its own and it also provided me with a new challenge. Writing a story from a male point of view. I very carefully and meticulously worked on this story. I had it in my mind that it was a long short story, but in reality, it is a novella.

I had The Games You Cannot Win complete and ready to go. I was going to be under a tight deadline but a week before my deadline, October 19, 2016, I set the pre-order for my book to launch exactly one year after Nailbiters, October 26. It was a super short pre-order window, but remember my audience was super small. I was sticking to my goal and I knew it was the final week that I would push for pre-orders.

But the next day I got a call from my mom in the middle of the workday. See my Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2011. He beat it twice. But it had come back a third time. He was still feeling okay, but the doctors weren’t sure what to do next. I knew this might be it. I had booked a plane ticket to go see him in early November. After my launch. But this call was a few weeks to early. He was in bad shape and I could hear it in my mom’s voice. This was it.

Of all the things I was thinking about in the days that followed, my book was the farthest from my mind. Even after we drove home, even after I flew up to visit my mom and help her start to clean the house up, My launch day came and went and I didn’t post a thing. How could I pretend everything was okay when the worst thing had just happened? How could I ask people to buy my book, when all I wanted was to buy more time with my dad?

I wasn’t focused on the launch or marketing the book afterward. And if anything, thinking about this book will always make me think of losing my dad. It’s the book I promote the least, and that’s why.

Which means this story that I was so proud of, the story that most reviewers agree is the best in the series, doesn’t get any attention. It doesn’t reach people the way I intended.

So, I’m giving it a second chance. This year on the 5 year book birthday for The Games You Cannot Win, I am releasing Escaping Avila Chase as a standalone novella across all platforms and formats.

It’s a story about Trevor, who is having the worst week of his life. Not because a hacker he has been tracking for years slips through his fingers, but because his ex-girlfriend with an ax to grind is releasing a new book and he just can’t escape the feeling that she’ll be airing all her grievances in this book. Who is Avila Chase exactly? She’s a femme fatale with creative license, and she is sharpening her pen just for Trevor.

I want Avila to live, I want her to get into your minds and not leave. I want her to have the chance that she didn’t have 5 years ago.

So, check out the novella, Escaping Avila Chase, everywhere you get great fiction.

Music from:​ E.R.F.

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