Working ON your business v Working IN your business | Author Business Strategic Planning for 2022

In 2021, I’ve been spending too much time working in my business and not focused on the business. So there is some nuance here and what this means for me and my business will be different for you, but in general working IN the business is the day-to-day getting the tasks done. Working ON the business is the strategic part, planning, evaluating, and thinking like a business owner, not just being a worker-bee. As a solopreneur, it is easy for me to get lost in the day-to-day tasks of work. I need to get XYZ done for this client or that. I need to schedule posts. I need to write this book or that.

But then I’m not thinking strategically, I’m just going full speed in the current direction, without questioning if this is the right path to be on. When I work ON my business, I’m not doing something that I can easily cross off my todo list and there isn’t an easy way to just gift myself time to sit and be critical, when there always seems to be so much to do. But without working ON the business, I could be missing opportunities to grow and adapt, I could be continuing lines of my business that need to go.

Working ON the business is me mapping out what my current prices are and what I net from each sales/transaction. Is this enough? Am I too busy – should I raise my rates to help modulate the demands on my time? Are my books priced competitively or are they so below market price that they reflect low quality?
Working IN the business is my doing the pricing research and updating each book price and tracking that it is done.

Working On the business is me looking at my current onboarding process, evaluating how I could have better helped a client after their project is wrapped, and thinking of new ways I can still help authors that won’t be as time intensive for me.
Working IN the business is having the actual coaching calls, responding to client questions, etc.

Writing Books:
Working ON the business looks like me mapping out my current WIPs and making a plan as to which ones to prioritize and schedule out when I want to have each book done and out.
Working IN the business looks like me actually at my computer writing, sending the books out for editing, formatting, recording the audiobook, etc.

Working ON the business looks like me going into the analytics to see which videos you all actually like, deciding what series I want to bring you and thinking critically on what trends are coming up that you all will have questions on that I’ll need to answer.
Working IN the business looks like me scripting, recording, editing, uploading, answering questions, connecting with sponsors, etc.

Get it?
Okay, take some time to do this exercise for YOUR author business so you can see if you need to spend more time working ON the business to get it where you want it to go.

And, if you are struggling with this or other areas of your author business, you can now schedule a 1 on 1 consult with me that is all about just the business aspect of your author business. Let’s chat and get you past your current roadblocks.

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