What goes on the front cover of your book?| eBook cover design | Book cover design basics 2022

Today we’ll be talking about the all-important front cover. Let’s dive into the key elements:

Elements: Title, Author Name, “Author of….”, “Best-selling author of…” **NOTE: only if you’ve made a printed publication bestseller list. Amazon has very clear rules about not using best-seller status on their website for this because it changes literally every hour. A lot of authors do this though anyways which maybe I’m a goody-two-shoes, but I follow the rules.**

Image or typography – should match your genre. Some covers try to depict the main characters, I like this best when they are in shadow so that you aren’t having to change the description of the character to match the cover image you like.

As you become a bigger author, your name can be bigger on the cover. While you are still a new author, the title should be bigger.

Blurb on the front? If it is a huge name author and a short blurb. One line, max!

As we talked about yesterday, you need to do research to know what should be on the cover in terms of the visuals, style, etc. If you missed yesterday’s research video, go and check that out. Your front cover if the most important because regardless of the book format: eBook, paperback, hardcover, audiobook – you will have a front cover so this is where you want to dedicate the most attention and focus on your book design. This is your book’s face, make sure it grabs attention and looks enticing.

Tomorrow we are moving on to our spine design for print books!
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