What goes on a hardcover book jacket or dust cover? Self-publishing book cover design 2022

Now you can only get this through IngramSpark. They offered Jacketed Case Laminate and Jacketed Digital Cloth.

Elements: Secondary Description, Author Bio or contact information. Call to action for reviews, courses, website, extras, etc. More focus on not duplicating what was on the back cover

I like having the secondary description on the front flap.

For the back flap, I like either having that author headshot and bio if it couldn’t fit on the back or directions for the next steps. Maybe it is a call to action to claim a digital extra, a reminder to leave a review, a short link to a course associated with the book. But it shouldn’t be a duplicate of what is on the back.

Okay so now that we know all of this, how have I applied this? Did I use my own best practices? Let’s find out!

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