Amazon Ads For My Books Part 3: “What Were The Initial Results?”

It can take up to 72 hours for the moderation team to review and approve your ads. All of mine came back within a few hours.

Launched 7 campaigns on 11/13.

Daily budget was $5/day to start.

After 24 hours I saw that only 3 of my 7 campaigns were getting any impressions. I optimized two to improve the ad copy and I continued to monitor. I looked at where my bid was compared to the recommendation. The day I built the ads the mid-range bid was one price, the day they launched that price could have changed.

It took until 11/17, so 4 days, for my ads to get any clicks. Now I will say that after my launch for the Infinite-Infinite I did see a sales slump. You get all the hype and buzz around launch, your pre-orders come in, and then you will see a lag in sales. So I started my ads around the time I noticed the slump sink in. Even though the advertising system did not attribute any sales via clicks on the ads until 11/17, I did notice a few extra sales on the 14th and 15th. This could have been people who had seen my launch promotions or people who saw the ad but didn’t click. I don’t know. On the 17th, amazon recorded 3 clicks on my ads, two on one segment, one on the other. Each segment had one recorded sale for the Infinite-Infinite. But I saw sales for each of my books that day. Books that I haven’t been promoted or mentioned in a while. So maybe whoever bought a copy of The Infinite-Infinite decided to buy the others too. Who knows.

So that was back at the end of 2019. I wanted to capitalize on the holiday buying blitz.

This wasn’t an overwhelming success, but it didn’t give me a big loss either and I did take some learnings:

Moving forward I am going to pay to promote the book within that first 30 days window when I can get a rankings boost from any additional sales.

I am going to focus on advertising my non-fiction books. Apparently those tend to do better with ads according to other authors I’ve talked to. My guess is that if a user is searching for a book that will answer a question and my paid ad pops up, they’re more likely to give it a try than if they are searching for a sci fi thriller by Michael Crichton and my book pops up. In that case they may know what they want.

Several authors have noted that prices are down right now for advertising (during the COVID crisis). I have been able to promote my books organically to people as they are looking for digital books right now and happy to support a small business in the process.

OK, this was my first foray into paid advertising for my books. I am also testing the CPC ads with BookBub right now so I will do a separate video later on that.

Dave Chesson’s course:

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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