Amazon Ads For My Books Part 2: ” Getting my ads set up and started”

Today I’m bringing you the second in a multi-week series on how paid advertising for my book actually went when I tested it late last year. I’ll share what I learned along the way. Stay tuned!

-Now that I have decided that I am going to invest some of my profit back into the publishing line of my business, which book do I advertise?

-Which book to promote? Enemies of Peace with the highest amount of reviews to date, or Infinite Infinite which is brand new. Based on the categories and keywords and the potential for the hot new release boost, Infinite Infinite makes the most sense

-All of the books that I used for research are ideas for look-a-like ads or product ads. So if you are looking for Dark Matter or The Man In The High Castle or Underground Airlines as books, I want my book in front of you.
-I also did a few keyword ads to start with. I picked Time Travel Fiction and Alternate History Science Fiction.

-I had a long list of other look-a-likes and keywords to target, but I narrowed my initial campaign to something I knew I could manage daily, a cap that I could live with (if I started with hundreds of campaigns I could have spend a lot of money in one day, I wanted to get my feet wet first), and what I thought were the best comps for the book.

– My initial requirements were CPCs under 70 cents. I know that means they are getting less traffic, but if I need to optimize my text I would rather do that at a 70 cent cost than a 1.25 cost.

-I also went with the look-a-like books that were popular when I was doing research for the book, so big books from a year ago. The CPCs were lower than books that are super popular this minute.

-I really took my time looking into keywords, thinking of the best copy for each segment and monitoring the cost of each segment over the course of a week before I hit “go” on anything Preparing to launch your ads is very important. Thats why I’m giving you an entire video on just preparing.

Dave Chesson’s course:

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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