Amazon Ads For My Books Part 1 : “I’m going to do ads for my books for the first time”

I really dig into the difference between other forms of marketing and paid advertising in Book Marketing for the First-Time Author ( , but for the purposes of this video, what I need you to know is that when I refer to ads or advertising I am referring to paid marketing.

-New name: , now called Advertising Console, not AMS

-Took Dave Chesson’s course:

-Decided it was time to take my book promotions to the next level: what got me here isn’t going to get me there

-If you are like me and you are frugal and reluctant to sink money into advertising when you already feel like you have A LOT of expenses for your books, then this is for you. I tested small and that is a totally acceptable option!

-I have done no ads to get me where I am now with Amazon. I did some PPC ads on Goodreads to get Nailbiters in front of more potential readers at the time. I spent 5 dollars on that campaign at 25 cents a click. Didn’t see the correlation between people adding it as “to read” and then getting sales.

-Hesitant to put a lot of money into something. Dave recommends creating 600 keywords on your list to launch with 200-300 campaigns. So if those are $5 max budget per day that could be 1000 dollars in 1 day. And if your ad text isn’t right or your book page isn’t right, that money could be down the drain. I know Amazon wants my money, I know they are going to give some algorithm juice, but it is a lot to swallow when I sell my eBooks for $3.99, I’m making $2.75 per book. That’s a lot of books to sell to cover that cost. But I have the time now to be able to monitor these ads and this could be a game-changer.

-I am going to document my journey of trying out these ads and I will let you know what I learn along the way.

-Here are the first things I did to get in the mindset to do ads after resisting them for so long:

I talked to other authors who have found success with ads to ask them what did or didn’t work
I listened to A LOT of podcasts on the topic to learn best practices
I got comfortable with the idea that the ads would lose money before they ever made anything back because I would need to optimize
I set a finite amount that I could stand to lose, just have that money gone without panicking.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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