I’m On Maternity Leave! | Solopreneur Life | PLUS Special Deal for Fans While I’m Away!

The time is here. And ready or not, if this video is live, then I’m on maternity leave. So I talked about how I was preparing to create my own maternity leave as a full-time entrepreneur this past summer. And little baby Williams is likely here or will be very soon. If there is one piece of advice that I’ve received (solicited or unsolicited) from other moms who run their own businesses, it is to expect the unexpected during this time. I’m already mentally preparing myself for exhaustion and a lot of late nights. I know I want to be able to dive back in on my next books, but my priority is my baby baby, not my book babies for right now.

So what does that mean for this channel and the authors that I love helping? Well, for the next month or so I’ve already pre-recorded and scheduled videos to go out. So you will still see me every week through the end of this year. I picked some timeless questions, whose answers shouldn’t change. If something crazy happens, like another pandemic or massive shift in the way our entire economy works, my answers will probably seem outdated. They are. If any big announcements do come up that impact authors I’ll try to get new videos out in the New Year to address these items, but I make no promises for the regularity of these videos with a newborn.

I’ll still check any comments or questions that come through on the channel though. I may be slower to respond than usual, but I will still do my best to get you the answers you need as quickly as I can.

As a special way to celebrate our little bundle of joy coming into the world, anyone who watches this video will know to use the code BUNDLEOFJOY at my PayHip online storefront to get 25% off any of my eBooks! ANY OF THEM! This offer will be good through the end of 2020 while I am on maternity leave. Enjoy y’all!

See you all again soon! Bye!

Music from: https://www.bensound.com/ E.R.F.

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