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I started doing paid ads in late 2019 with Amazon. Not an overwhelming success with my fiction book that was released then. But I heard that people often find more success with advertising non-fiction books because that answers a more specific need.

After trying AMS and seeing mediocre success, I finally decided to give BookBub Partner Ads a try. This is NOT their daily deal. This is their CPC ads that run on their network. So these are the ads that run in their newsletters, but its just an image with the book cover, a short tag line, and a big red button. It looks like an ad.

So I did ads for my non-fiction books with BookBub first: Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author and Book Marketing for the First-Time Author. And then I also included an ad for The Infinite-Infinite. I wasn’t sure if that same non-fiction logic would apply here. If book lovers of all kinds are on BookBub maybe people who like fiction are here too. I did find that the audience sizes for fiction were bigger.

I started to see that after a few days of some ads I had no clicks. That means it’s time to optimize the ad tag-line. But there is no way to go in and just edit the text. So I had to pause the current campaign. Copy it, write in the new ad text, etc. A bit of a pain but now I have a clear segment of what did and didn’t work.

In general, it took me a couple of weeks to start to see clicks. I did have it so it wasn’t targeting Amazon, especially since I still had one ad going on Amazon at the time. So Apple, Kobo, Google Play, etc were all part of my targeting. Now for Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, I get access to those networks through Smashwords. So I don’t get hourly updates on sales from them like I would Amazon. I did see a spike in sales around the time I started the ads, but I can’t say 100% it was from the ads. Same with Google Play. I did see book sales that month, but all of us who use the Google Play Books interface know that their reporting leaves a lot to be desired.
So, overall, this wasn’t a huge win but it wasn’t a failure either. I still have some ads running in the background because I maybe incur a dollar a week in ad cost for my current ads. If I start to see the price go up with no results, I’ll shut it off. Still not sold on the idea of the Daily Deal.

Okay, that was my experience testing ads with BookBub. What has your experience been? Good, bad, love it, hate it? Drop a comment below.

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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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