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Hello and welcome to my second video about doing BookBub Partner Ads. As a reminder, these are the pay per click banner ads that go into their newsletters, NOT the daily deals that everyone brags about getting.

Since I have self-published my audiobook through FIndaway Voices, I can use the BookBub Partner Ads for Audiobooks because mine show up on the Chirp network. Pretty cool. The same three books that I tested the eBook ads for, I tested the audiobook ads for as well. So that was Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author, Book Marketing for the First-Time Author, and The Infinite-Infinite. Right away I started to get clicks on the non-fiction books, but no sales. Womp womp.

Once The Infinite-Infinite was done I got that ad set up and didn’t see clicks coming through but I gave it a day or so. Within 3 days I had sold multiple copies of the audiobook via Findaway to different libraries. Cool! Not through Chirp, but still cool. But I had literally not even promoted the audiobook yet because it wasn’t up on ACX due to all of their delays. So, maybe it was the Chirp ad after all.

Again, since I can’t get up to the minute updates I can’t tell 100% if those clicks on the Chirp ad resulted in sales, or just awareness. But I sold several audiobook copies when I wasn’t promoting it anywhere else so that seems like a good win for me. If I see the prices of the ads go up without an increase in sales, I’m not afraid to pull them.

Okay, that was my experience testing audiobooks ads with BookBub and Chirp. Have you given these a try yet? What has your experience been? Drop a comment below.
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Now you can get back to writing your book!

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